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will check you site tomorrow. Book on anger management?? I learned a lot on that subject.. was a single dad since my youngest was 3.. my children are 37,41 and 43

Dale L Blankenship Sr

enjoyed your photos they are awesome

Annie Ruston

I've enjoyed your website! Nice Pictures!

Ira Gertz

very lovely pics. would love to have a few for my own home.

Jody Dage

Just looked at your Alaska photos. Beautiful as usual. Thanks for sharing them.



Knew you in Long Beach when I was Rivka Rauh. Nice to see that you are doing well.


beautiful art!

Darci Pfeiffer

Saw your name on the Jordan Reunion site. Cool photos! My husband Mark grew up in Boulder City, Nevada, so your photo of the dam was very familiar to him!

Terry Major-Holliday

Hi Hal, I've always been proud to be your friend. You're such a telented man. I love your pictures, and am the proud owner of two of them. You have such a good eye when it comes for taking pictures.


Hi Hal,

Sorry we lost track of you .... lots of people were asking about you at the last reunion! Looks like we could also add you to the Who's Who at Jordan High School. Please get back in touch with your Panthers and Pantherettes at Jordan High.

DeDe John

I am very impressed. Great Pics and congrats on your accomplishments. We must compare notes, if not pics, my old friend. So glad to connect with ya again! So, we both end up in the desert? It only makes sense as my career path brought me full circle as a writer and publisher for the independent news weekly in Palm Springs the Desert Star Weekly.

Dean Gray

the photos I seen were great! I can see the author's intense passion to photography.. he just have captured every inch, of an angle to what has shown, thrown out from his vision and minds.. I am so proud of him:)


I always wondered what you would grow up to be. When I dated your brother while in high school I remember how nice you were and that you showed me your invention to feed your pet dog. Have you invented anything since? I am very impressed with your bio.


Great pictures. How about the Rebbe?


absolutely great pics and shots.......two thumbs up!!!!


wow.... you are a man with great talent.through your work people will come come to appreciate more the creation

very cool photos!

maryann sapuan

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Amazing Photos


Hal- Great pictures. My friend and I met you after seeing Bette, while we were all waiting for our cars. Was nice chatting with you folks. God Speed.

Char Stafford

The pics are ssooooooooooo cool and all my friends think so there great


We loved looking at all the pictures they are ALL very nice


The Chanukah pictures are in the folder "Collages"... enjoy


long time no speak! wheres the chanuka pictures?????


This is a wonderful site! The many hours of choosing just the right photographs shows your dedication to this challenging field.

IHBAASB . . . Your Friend.


Great site ... but where are the family pix?

Phyllis, your Macheteyneste

Your pictures are so versatile. They jump right out at you:roll:


Hi, your site is wonderful...these are terrific pictures!


WOW you have really worked on the site...good job!!! And you thought you couldn't do it...:D


Hal is an awesome photographer. He has so many talents. Through his eyes are great showings of God's creations.


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